Our Story.

It took a long time before I felt ready to launch nourish into the world. The story of how this product came to be is a long and complicated one, but I think it is important to share, as difficult as it may be for me. This past year has given me much time to journey inward and made me realize the importance of teaching others what I have liearned about how a little self care can go a long way.

We often talk about ending the stigma attached to mental illness, but few are willing, or able to share their own stories and experiences because the truth is, it's painful, and it takes a lot of bravery. It is not easy to let your guard down and admit your personal fears, weaknesses & vulnerabilities, but when we do, we make a ripple in the sea of silence surrounding those with mental illness...and ripples are how waves of change begin.

At the age of 16, I struggled with some deep depression. In my darkest moment, a simple carton of milk helped save my life because there was a Kids Help Phone number printed on the back. That simple ad was a place to turn to when I felt like there was nowhere left to go. I am thankful I called, since that day I have gone on to live a beautiful life, create two beautiful new lives, experience what it is like to be touched by the lives of others, and touch people's lives in return.

Life is truly precious. Everyday is a gift.

I am thankful Kids Help Phone was there for me 30 years ago. I am even more thankful to know they are still available for kids today. It's hard enough being a teen, not to mention all the other challenges they have to face in this drastically different virtual age.

I had often thought about making some products for the spa, so I drew upon things I knew when finding ways to connect with my kids. Plus, I wanted to get the message of personal care and the importance of it for our mental health across too.
We starting to make bath bombs together. My kids are both artistic and they have great ideas. We played around with pleasing scents, shapes, and colors for the product designs until we came up with ones we liked.

I had my eldest create and design the product logo, and the results blew me away!
A Zen-inspired green "power-on" symbol with a single leaf which represents empowering mental wellness with nature's goodness.
Lastly, with "mindful body care" as our tag line to suggest taking time for self-reflection with a focus on the mind.

I was so proud at how much careful thought and care went into the logo's creation and how much even a single word can mean to our story.

Next came time to design the packaging. We wanted something pleasing to look at, and wanted to incorporate mental health awareness into the style to help drive more attention to the issue. The green ribbon is part of every product. I told my teen the story of my 16 year old self, and thought we should somehow incorporate the Kids Help Phone number into our design, and donate bath bombs to school social workers who deal with kids who are struggling. Plus, after realizing how hard it was to find affordable counselling options when my own kid needed support, I knew more needed to be done to assist our youth mental health initiatives and drive awareness to this increasing needs in our society. If this was going to be a product line with a primary focus on mental wellness, then I wanted the package have another purpose in mind.
Making organizations like Kids Help Phone easily accessible to our youth is paramount, especially in todays busy technological world. I personally don't think any organization that has saving lives as their primary purpose should ever have to pay for advertising.
I hope no young person has to call the number inside our packages, but I feel better knowing it's there incase they do.

Over the past few years I have found some solace by practicing yoga and meditation. Someday, I hope my kids will try a class with me, but I'm not getting my hopes up. In any case, I wanted mindful body care to play a big role in our product packaging and incorporate the positive messaging, and inner peace I feel from my practice.
My kids may not be into yoga but they do share my love for crystals. Our whole family has always been fascinated by crystals. We could spend hours together visiting the ROM gemstone exhibit, or perusing through a rock shop where both kids would love filling up little velvet bags of beautiful tumbled stones they had hand picked. Since nourish is all about mental wellness, I wanted to relay to everyone using our products how special, unique, and beautiful we each are in our own way. I can't think of a better way to get that message across than by placing a beautiful crystal at the heart of each product made. Most of our products contain amethyst, crystal, or rose quartz, but occasionally you will find another special semi-precious stone inside. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystal energy or not, there is something to be said for the perfectly imperfect beauty of these naturally formed works of art. Each one is beautiful and unique. Just like all of us, and our stories.

It was when all of these things came together, that I began to realize this wasn't just a personal product line allowing us to connect, it was becoming a personal story too. A story about healing not just our skin, but also our souls.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. When the world shut down, many of us had time to get back to basics and reflect on the people, and things that mattered to us the most. I entered the pandemic shut down a few weeks after losing my Mom, so I desperately needed that connection, and time to heal with my family.

Sometimes in order to move forward we have to hit rock bottom, and get back to basics.

During this shut down and time for self reflection, nourish has become a positive, creative outlet for my family and I. We are now strong enough to share it, and our story of healing with you.

The reality is, time and money are often the main factors why many of us do not invest more into personal care. So if we can make affordable, everyday essentials like soap, shampoo, and a maybe splurging on a candle for your home, then perhaps those small things will plant little self-care reminder seeds into your daily routine, and with any luck, those seeds will sprout into realizing the importance of finding more balance when it comes to nurturing yourself.

It's times like this, we need to look out for one another.

Nourish is more then mindful body care. For me it's my story, and the people I love the most. It is about emotional strength, bravery, loving yourself....
and hopefully, turning ripples into waves.